Learn How To Trade:
"Beginner Course Package"

Start from zero and learn to trade safely. This package takes you from basic economics to your very first trade, all grounded in the reliable principles of Dow Theory.
2 Weeks
250 USD

Letter from your future self

Discover the power of learning through a letter from your future self, illustrating the transformative journey and skills you'll gain in this course package.
I'm really getting the hang of stocks and cryptocurrencies now. Every day, I learn a bit more about how these markets work. It's all about understanding trends and making smart choices, and I'm using what I know about Dow Theory to do just that.

I've started my very first investment portfolio too. It's all about finding the right balance between risk and reward. I'm also getting pretty good at using tools like exchanges and TradingView for my trades.

Understanding different trading strategies, especially how to manage risks with things like stop-loss, is something I'm focusing on. And the best part? I'm figuring out my own way of trading, one that really fits what I want and how I feel.

Here's to learning and growing in trading!
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Course content
Dive into our diverse range of course content, featuring interactive and engaging formats tailored for a comprehensive learning experience.
  • Pro Videos
    Enjoy viral learning with our collection of short, engaging videos, each just 1-2 minutes long, along with our recorded workshops, break down complex concepts into easy-to-digest segments.
  • Easy Readings
    Read materials that are great for those who like to learn by seeing. These readings go well with our videos and make things clearer.
  • Simple Tests
    After each lesson, try out easy-to-understand tests with single and multiple-choice questions. These help you remember what you've learned in a simple way.
  • Step-by-Step Guides
    Follow along with easy instructions for practical learning. These guides are great for learning by doing, showing you how to use what you've learned in real situations.
The "Beginner Course Package" gives you access to the first two modules of our 'Learn How to Trade' course series. Discover the learning outcomes and explore the chapters within these foundational modules.
Setting Up for Success
Market Understanding
You will be able to grasp the fundamentals of stock and crypto markets. This is needed to navigate the complex world of trading so you can make informed investment decisions.

Dow Theory
You will be able to understand Dow Theory. It is essential for analyzing market trends, so you can develop effective trading strategies.

Portfolio Building
You will be able to create your first investment portfolio. This skill is vital for managing your assets, so you can balance risk and reward effectively.
Course activities
Dive into our course to discover a variety of interactive and supportive activities, while understanding that some specific offerings may be included in other course packages.
  • Homework
    Practice drawing charts and spotting patterns on your own. Answers will be self-revealed for self-checking.
  • Mentorship
    Receive feedback on your chart homework. Tackle extra assignments including essays, and get final strategy insights from Matt.
  • Live Workshops
    Join hands-on sessions to learn the basics of charting, essential tools, trading strategies, AI and Psychology.
  • Live Workshops with Matt
    Matt will guide you through advanced trading strategies, sharing his personal tool choices and application methods.
  • Expert Insights from Matt
    Gain access to written tips and insights
    from Matt, including his take on current market trends.
  • AMA sessions with Matt
    Join our 'Ask Me Anything' sessions with Matt. No chart drawing, open discussions about market trends, potential institutional moves, and more.

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Live Workshops with Matt
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"Beginner Package"
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