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In the midst of what they call a 'bear market' or 'crypto winter,' when markets are down and the economy falters, there are still those who find ways to thrive. Among them is Matthew Dixon, our course expert, who in 2023 achieved something extraordinary: closing around 300 deals and earning a profit of 1.2 million dollars, despite the market's challenges. His journey is more than a success story; it's a narrative of resilience, adaptability, and smart innovation in the fluctuating world of crypto trading.

  • In the world of trading, Matthew Dixon's story reads like an adventure novel, filled with twists and turns. His journey began in the whirlwind of the 80s, a time when the financial world was like a rollercoaster. Picture the scene: markets swinging wildly, culminating in the infamous Black Monday of 1987. It was a time of chaos and excitement, a real test for any trader.

    Then came the era, an almost magical period when the internet was the new frontier. Companies sprouted up like mushrooms, their values skyrocketing overnight. But just as quickly, this bubble burst, turning the market into a rollercoaster once again. Imagine the thrill and the challenge of navigating such a dynamic landscape!

"Twenty-five minutes won't turn you into a pro trader raking in thousands, but the right start can save you from losing them."
These chapters in financial history, from the dizzying heights of the 80s crash to the dramatic burst of the bubble, were more than just historical events for Matthew. They were the backdrop to his growth and development as a trader. Inspired by these experiences, he created Evai, an AI tool to empower individual traders like you, playing field against larger institutions, especially in a market where only about 5% consistently succeed. After learning from Matthew, you'll move from just watching the trading world to really being a part of it. This is your chance to start your trading journey with someone who's seen it all and done well. You're not only going to learn how trading works; you're going to start thinking like a trader who knows how to succeed.
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What will I learn in 25 min?
After I finish this course, I've got a pretty exciting plan laid out. First off, I'm going to figure out how to switch from just following my gut to actually having a solid trading strategy. I'll be looking into whether I'm more of a long-term player or if I like the quick, short-term trades better. Plus, I'll get into the whole deal with fundamental and technical analysis to see what clicks with me.

Next up, I'm going to get my portfolio sorted. It's all about picking the right cryptos and not just going in blind. I'll be diving into this thing called Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) to help me balance out the risks. I'm curious to see how MPT works and how it can keep my portfolio on point.

Then, there's this whole Dow Theory thing. I'm planning to really get the hang of it, understand the basics, and figure out how I can use it to make some smart moves in crypto trading. I'll even try analyzing Bitcoin's price movements with it – that should be interesting!

Lastly, I'm all set to put Dow Theory into action. I'll be on the lookout for market trends, making sure they're solid before I jump in. I'm also keen on learning about candlestick patterns and spotting those divergences that might hint at what's coming next in the market. And yeah, I'll be getting my hands dirty with the Trading View platform, planning out my strategies like a pro.

So, that's my game plan after this course. It's not just about learning the stuff; it's about actually doing it and seeing how far I can go with trading. Pretty excited to see where this journey takes me!
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